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Smoke Testing in Software Testing With Example

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Smoke Testing /Build verification testing /Dry run testing: Software Testing 

What is smoke testing?-Definition
Smoke testing is a type of software testing in which test engineers test the basic and critical features of an application before thorough testing just to verify whether the application is stable or not. The main aim of doing smoke testing is to check the stability of the application. In smoke testing, QA engineers do only the positive testing by entering the valid data in all the fields.

Smoke Testing is also known as Build verification testing /Dry run testingWhenever software builds are deployed in the QA environment then the test engineers verify the stability of the software by doing smoke testing after that they go for further testing.

Smoke Testing Example
Here We are going to discuss, how we do the smoke testing on a login page that contains fields: username, password, login button and forgot password link.
The core working of the login page is to the user should log in to the system, while doing smoke testing we check...
  • User able to enter the data in the username and password filed
  • The page redirects the user to the home page when the user enters the valid user name and password.
  • page redirects the user to the forgot password screen or not when the user clicks on forgot password link.
When to do smoke testing?
Generally, Smoke testing is performed when the development team develop a new feature and deployed the same build in the testing environment then test engineers first perform the smoke testing .where they check the basic and critical feature of the application just to verify whether the software functionalities working or not.

Who does the smoke testing?
Smoke testing is performed by QA engineers /QA Leads.
Whenever a new feature is deployed in the testing environment then the testing team performs the smoke testing on the build by entering only positive data.

How to do smoke testing?
There are two ways to do smoke testing.
1) Manual 
2) Automation 

 1) Manual: In manual smoke testing the QA engineer go through all the feature manually and enter the positive data and check the stability of the build.

2) Automation: In automation smoke testing tests engineers do the smoke testing by using the automation tool. whenever a new build is deployed in the testing environment then the test engineer prepares a test script for doing smoke testing.

Why do we do smoke testing?
The aim of smoke testing is...
  • To verify the stability of the application.
  • To detect the critical and blocker bug in the early stage.
  • To ensure the basic and critical features of the application working fine.
  • To check whether the product is testable or not 
  • Smoke testing reduces the risk of failure.
  • Smoke testing reduces both time and effort 

Hope !!! The above tutorial Smoke Testing with examples is Helpful for you...

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Smoke Testing with example 

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