Test Cases For Check Box

Test Cases For Check Box
Here The important test cases for checkbox given..
  • Verify that the check box selectable / Unselectable or not.
  • Verify the multi check box selection , able to select or not .
  • Verify the alignment of check box proper or not in all browser.
  • Verify the label for check box properly align or not.
  • Verify the selection of check box through the keyboard "Tab " button.
  • Verify that respective web element display or not on selection of check box.(As per SRS).
  • Verify that on pressing of submit button with selection of check box , it Redirect to the page as per requirement or not.
  • Verify the functionality of check box by selecting the multiple check box.
  • Verify the functionality of check box by selecting the single check box.
  • Verify the functionality of check box without selecting the any check box.
  • Verify that proper alert message for check box showing or not if it is mandatory field, when user click on submit button without selecting the check box.
  • verify that selection of check box get disable or not during the page loading.
  • Verify the Order of check box are as per SRS.
  • Verify checkbox location physically in term of height length width are same in all plate from .
  • verify the Tick on check box properly visible to user or not.
  • Verify the initial focus of check box(initial focus must be on first check box).

Hope!!! The above test cases for check box helpful  for you ..
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