Test Cases for Dropdown (Negative and Positive)

Sample Test Cases For Dropdown 

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to write test case for drop down list? We will also learn about positive test scenarios and Negative test Cases.

How to Write Test Cases for dropdown?
Here!! The Important Test cases for dropdown list are given...

  • Verify that the Dropdown list is Clickable or Not (active or not).
  • Verify that When Clicking on the drop-down the Dropdown list (value of Dropdown) Showing or Not.
  • Verify whether the dropdown list value is as per requirement or not.
  • Check the design of the drop-down and verify the alignment of the drop-down with other web elements in all browsers.
  • Check that the drop-down list accommodates the longest text within its boundary.
  • Check that the drop-down can be scrolled down by clicking the down arrow.
  • Check the title of the dropdown is as per SRS.
  • Check that the default item is displayed on the drop-down when the user first visits the page.
  • Check that if select the drop-down by the down arrow key then all items are listed in their expected order.
  • Check the spelling, font, and style of the text inside the drop-down as per SRS.
  • Check that on clicking the categories on the dropdown, the page displays the corresponding items.
  • Check that the selected category on the drop-down Field is highlighted on selecting the item.
  • Check how much time it takes the drop down list to load the items under each category.
  • Verify that the User able to Select the Dropdown by the "tab" key from the keyboard.
  • verify that If the list (of items) of this drop-down is controlled by some other selection (say in another drop-down or check-box, radio button) then Check the correctness of the items in this drop-down.
  • verify that If the selection in this drop-down is controlling some other control (say, enabling/disabling, etc) then check the proper action.
  • Check that on pressing an alphabet on the keyboard, categories in the drop-down starting with that alphabet are getting highlighted.
  • Check that the user is able to select the categories/items from the drop-down list by pressing the down key on the keyboard.

Test Cases For Dynamic Dropdown 
Here !!! Some of the important test cases for dynamic dropdown are listed.

Example - We have Consider (State & City) dropdown example to explain in Details, Here in city dropdown value will display on the selection of state.
  • Verify the city dropdown without selecting a state.
  • Verify the City dropdown by selecting the state.
  • Check the value in the city dropdown is bound accordingly or not.
  • Check that the user is able to select the value from the city dropdown 
  • Verify that when the user selects a value from the city dropdown and unselects the state.
  • Verify the default value for the city dropdown 
  • Check that the selected value in the city dropdown gets unselected or not when the user unselects the state dropdown.

Hope !!! The Above Test Case for Dropdown list is Helpful For you ...

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Test Cases For Dropdown

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