Test Cases for Drop Down

Test Cases and Scenarios for drop down 
Here!! The Important Test cases for drop down given...
  • Verify that the Drop down is Clickable or Not .
  • Verify that the When Click on drop down then the Dropdown list Showing or Not .
  • Check the design of the drop-down and verify the alignment of drop down with other web element in all browser .
  • Check that the drop-down accommodates the longest text within its boundary.
  • Check that the drop-down can be scrolled down on clicking the down arrow.
  • Check the title of drop down is as per SRS .
  • Check that the default item is getting displayed on drop down when the user first visits the page.
  • Check that if select the drop down by down arrow key then all items are getting listed in its expected order.
  • Check the spelling, font and style of the text inside the drop-down are as per SRS.
  • Check that on clicking the categories on dropdown, the page displays the corresponding items.
  • Check that the selected category on drop down list is getting highlighted on selecting the item.
  • Check that how much time taking the drop down in loading the items under each category.
  • Verify that the User able to Select the Drop down by "tab" key form the keyboard.
  • verify that If the list (of items) of this drop-down is controlled by some other selection (say in another drop-down or check-box, radio-button) then Check the correctness of the items in this drop-down.
  • verify that If the selection in this drop-down is controlling some other control (say, enabling/disabling etc) then check the proper action.
  • Check that on pressing an alphabet on the keyboard, categories in drop down starting with that alphabet is getting highlighted.
  • Check that the user is able to select the categories/items from the drop down list by pressing the down key on the keyboard.
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Hope !!! The Above Test Case for Drop Down list Helpful For you ...
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Test Cases For Drop down

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