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Test Cases On Objects
What is Test Cases ?

A test cases is a set of documented set of data , preconditions , procedure , post conditions develop by software testers for a particular test scenarios in order to determine whether a system under test satisfies business requirement or not. In software testing collection of multiple test cases and test scripts are called as the test suite.

"A set of action perform to verify the functionality or feature of a software application is known as the test cases "

Need of Test  Cases - Why Do We write Test Cases ?

Writing of test cases is a most important part of software testing and also it is a major activity done by testing team , development team and management team .
  • If there is no document for an application , then test cases use as baseline document. 
  • Test cases brings together the whole testing process.
  • To have the test consistency in test execution.
  • Test cases use for training purpose on product for new team.
  • Test cases act as the proof for the customer and manager that we have cover all the scenarios.
  • Test cases act as the bases document for the preparation of automation script  

Who Writes the Test Cases ?
Answer : The UAT Team (Quality Analyst Team)

How To Write Test Cases In Manual Testing ?
Before writing Test Cases tester needs following things very clear.
  • Before Writing test cases make sure that you have better understanding of customer requirement .
  • Identify the test scenarios on the basis of requirement .
  • Identify the test data .
  • Perform action by entering the test data.
  • Verify the actual result with expected result.
When to Write Test Cases ?
Once the partial coding of requirement complete then you only can expect the expected result then you can write starts writing test case or it depends

Test Cases writing depends on following thing also.
  • Your project? 
  • What your role in the project is? 
  • Who's testing?
  • When does it need to be tested by? 
  • Regulated environment? 
  • Target installation environment? etc, etc
Test Cases Parameters 
  • Test Cases ID 
  • Test Cases Title 
  • Test Cases Description 
  • Prerequisite
  • Test Cases Steps
  • Test Data
  • Expected Result
  • Actual Data 
  • Status
  • Remark  
Test Cases Templates 


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