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Test Cases For Text Box and Text Field

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Sample Test Cases for Text Box Field

Hello Folks,

In this tutorial, we will learn how to write test cases for text boxes. We will also learn about positive test scenarios and negative test cases for text box.

What are the Test Cases For Text Box field?
Here!!! Some of the important Test case for Text Field are given..

  • Check for the alpha characters or alphanumeric characters.
  • Check for the alphabet is accepted in upper and lower case both.
  • Check the mandatory condition for the text box if given.
  • Check whether the text box is blank or not by default.
  • Check the Max-Min character limit of the text box.
  • Check for numeric characters only.
  • Check by entering ”HTML tag” and clicking the save button.
  • Check by entering “Java Script” and clicking the save button.
  • Check by entering “Spaces” in the prefix and suffix of the entered character of space. Check to Copy and Paste long texts from Word or Notepad.
  • Check the height and alignment of text boxes are the same throughout the site.
  • Check drag and drop images in the text box.
  • Check the text box except for spaces as input. 
  • Check the zip code text field with strings instead of numbers. 
  • Check the zip code text field with numbers shorter than required.

Test areas are the most common field of the web pages and are important too as maximum input like customer’s information phone no. name and email IDs are entered in the text box, and text can be entered from text boxes on the freeway, so while testing text boxes or text areas, testers should be more alert. Here are some scenarios to check the same

Other Test Cases For Text Field

  • Verify the Maximum Character Limit For the text box.
  • Verify the minimum Character Limit of the Text field.
  • Verify the Text Box By entering the more than-allowed value.
  • Verify the Text field By entering the Less than allowed value.
  • Verify the text box By entering the NumberVerify the text file by entering the decimal value.
  • Verify the Text box by entering the Special char.
  • Verify that the ability to enter the alpha bate value in the text field 
  • Verify that you can enter the alpha bate in Both Upper and lower case in the Text field.
  • Verify that the ability to enter only Specifies the value in the text box.
  • Verify that you can Copy the Value From the text box field.
  • Verify that you can paste the value into the text Field.
  • Verify that the space Button Working in the Text Box.
  • Verify the ability to select the text box from the Key Board "tab " Button.
  • Verify that the cursor Blink or not When clicking in the Text Box field.
  • Verify whether the value is visible or not when typing in the text field.
  • Verify the ability to select the value for the keyboard (ALT+A) from the Text box.
  • Verify whether the text box placeholder holder is visible or not.
  • Verify the text field by entering the HTML tag.
  • Verify the Text Filed By entering the Javascript.

Inputs For Text Box Field: What are the inputs For Text Box?

  • Max Length of chars 
  • AlphaNumeric 
  • numeric 
  • Min Length of chars 
  • Space Between words 
  • Leading and Trailing Spaces 
  • Special Char 
  • Unicode Char 
  • <script>alert("123")</script> 
  • Bala12061911 
  • </br> 
  • alert("Bala") 
  • SQL Injection

Hope !! The Above Test case for Text Box is Helpful For you ...

QA acharya

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Test Cases For Text Box