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Sample Test Cases For Fan

Here!!!  Important test cases for fan given

  • Verify that the Fan should stop running on and Switch off.
  • Switch ON the fan and verify that it does not rotate in an anti-clockwise direction
  • Switch OFF the fan and verify that its speed gets lower down and it stops rotating
  • Increase the Fan speed by rotating the knob and verify that it is rotating faster
  • Verify, Decrease the Fan  speed by rotating the knob in the opposite direction and verify that it is rotating slower
  • Verify, Fan should not be extra noise (vibrate) during spinning
  • Verify, Fan should have a minimum of 3 blades
  • Verify, that the Fan company name is displayed on the fan
  • Verify, Fan Blades should have a decent distance from the ceiling
  • Verify,All the Fan blades should be of the same size
  • Verify, if the fan operates in the low voltage

Test Cases For Ceiling Fan

  • Verify Fan should have a hook hanging on the roof.
  • Verify Fan blade should be fixed properly with the fan.
  • Verify Fan should be on when the electric switch is on.
  • Verify Fan should be off when the electric switch is off.
  • Verify Fan speed should is controllable with the regulator.

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Hope !!! The Above Test Cases For the Fan are helpful For You...

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Test cases for fan

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