Test Cases For Search Box

Test Cases for Search box
Search box is the common and most essential field of any website here are some scenarios which may help to test the search box field. here the important test cases for search box filed given..
  • Without entering anything in search box click on Search button.
  • Check the cross or cancel option to clear the search keyword
  • Click in the search field and press Enter key.
  •  Enter any one character in search box and click on Search button/press Enter key.
  • Enter only special characters in search field and click on Search button.
  • Enter only numbers in search filed and click on Search button
  • Enter alphanumeric characters in search box and click on Search button
  • Enter alphanumeric characters and special characters and click on search button.
  • Enter string more than the max char limit of the search field.
  • Enter string  in search box with spaces (before string, after string and in between) and verify the results.
  •  Verify this on all pages where Search box is available
  • Try to drag and drop image or other file in search box and check the result
  •  Check if search is applied on water mark updated in search box
  • Check whether auto suggestion is working or not

Hope !!!the Above Test cases for search box  helpful for you ....

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Test cases for search box

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