Test Cases for Time Picker -Time Field

 Test Cases for Time Picker -How to Test Time Picker?
Here !! Important Test cases for time picker given
  • Verify whether the time picker is clickable or not.
  • Check that the cursor point to hours when the user clicks in the time field 
  • Check that the time picker gets open or not when the user click on the time field
  • Check whether the user is able to select the time from the time picker or not.
  • Check that selected time showing in time picker or not when user select the time.
  • Check the time format for the field 
  • Check that when user try to select or enter the time in invalid format 
  • Check that user able to enter the time manually or not.
  • Check that when user enter the invalid date manually .
  • Check that When user enter the hours more than 24 .
  • Check that when user enter the minute more than 60.
  • Check that AM/PM if time format is 12 hours .
  • Check that when cursor move automatically to minute from hours when user select the valid hours.
  • Check that user able to cursor move from hours to minute through the arrow key 
Hope !!! Above test cases for time picker helpful for you...
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Test Cases for time picker


HTML for time picker 
<input type="time">Allow User to select the time from the time picker 


  <label for="appt">Select Time:</label>
  <input type="time" id="appt" name="appt">
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