Test Cases for Profile Page and Profile Photo Upload

 Test Cases For Profile Pages -How to Test User profile Page?
Here !!! Important test case for profile page given...

  • First , Verify that system redirecting user to valid page or not when user click on profile icon or link or Button .
  • Check that GUI of profile page showing as per requirement or not .
  • Check that basic profile requirement like - Profile name , Profile Photo , personal info etc. Showing or not.
  • Check that user able to update profile details like Profile photo , Name .
  • Check that updated details showing or not when user refresh the page .
  • Check that user system redirecting user to valid page or not when user click on link available on profile page .
  • Check that cover photo showing properly or not ( if available )
  • Check that User able to update the cover photo or not .
  • Check that all the element of profile page align properly .
Test Cases for Profile photo Upload 
Important Test cases for profile upload given ....

First , Verify that user able to click on photo upload icon or not .
Check that system redirect user to valid path or not .
Verify that user able to pre-verify the selected file or not .
Verify that user able to upload profile photo by uploading valid file .
Verify whether the uploaded photo-updated is or not.
Verify that user able to set the photo in frame by dragging on photo .
Verify that user able to crop the photo -if crop feature available 
Verify the cancel button functionality.
Verify that pre-Confirmation showing or not when user click on upload button .
Verify the beauty filter working or not - If available 
Verify that when try to update profile by selecting invalid file.
Verify the Extension validation (system accepting only specify extension or not )
Verify the File size limit - (System accepts the file accordingly or not )
Check that when the user tries to upload multiple photos.

Hope !!! Above test cases of profile page and profile upload photo helpful for you ...

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Test Cases for profile page 

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