Test Cases for Amount Field (Currency Field)

Test Cases for Amount Field 
Here !!! Important Test Cases for amount field given ...
Amount Field (Indian Rupee)
  • First Verify that amount field is clickable or not .
  • Check that user able to type or enter in field .
  • Verify the amount field by entering the Number only .
  • Verify the amount field by entering the decimal value only
  • Verify if field accept coma. 
  • Verify that if field accept negative value (with minus sign )
  • Verify the decimal value up to limit .
  • Verify the field by entering the alphabet
  • Verify the field buy entering the special char .
  • Verify the max length limit for amount field.
  • Verify the min amount limit for field .
  • Verify the field by entering only Zero only .
  • Verify the field by pasting the alphabet in field
  • Check the field by pasting special char .
  • Check the amount field by entering (0001).
  • Verify that when user leave the field blank (if field is mandatory )
  • Verify the alert message when user click on save without entering amount (if field is mandatory )
  • Verify the alignment of field showing properly or not .
  • Verify the entered amount properly visible to user or not .
Hope !!! Above Test cases for amount Field helpful for you ...
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Test Cases for amount Field

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