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How to Configuration TestNG in Eclipse in Selenium

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 How To Configuration TestNG in Eclipse Selenium

How to Configuration TestNG in Eclipse in Selenium 

Just Follow the below Steps to Configure the TestNG framework.

Step 1 Open your eclipse.

Step 2 Go to help and Click on Eclipse MarketPlace.

How to configure TestNG in Eclipse 

Step 3 Now Click on the Search box type testNG and Press the Enter Button from the Keyboard.

how to install testng in eclipse with marketplace

Step 4 Now, the TestNG For Eclipse option Will display just Click on the Install Button as shown in Figure.

Step 5 Now Click on the Next Confirm Button.

Step 6 Select I accept option and Click on the Finish button. 

Step 7 Wait for Moment (TestNG is getting installed).

Step 8 Select the Check box and click on the Trust Selected button.

Step 9 Again Select the Check box and click on the Trust selected button as shown in fig.

Step 10 Click on the Restart Now Button.

Once the eclipse is restarted the TestNG will be installed in Eclipse.

WOW!!! TestNG is Installed in your Eclipse.

How to Verify Whether the TestNG is installed/configured in Eclipse or not?

Step 1 Open your eclipse 

Step 2 Click on the Window option and select the preference option.

Step 3 Now type Testng in the Search box and press the Enter button from the keyboard.

Hope !!! The above Tutorial on how to configure TestNG in Eclipse is helpful for you...

QA acharya


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