How to Clone GitHub Repository Using the Git Bash


How to Clone git Repository into a Local Machine

How to Clone GitHub Repository into Local Machine

git clone 

In git, we use the git clone command to clone the git repository using git bash.

Git Command to Clone Github Repository

git clone (GitHub URL)

Follow the Below steps to copy any GitHub repo into the local folder

Step 1 Login into your GitHub account.

Step 2 Click on the Repository that you want to clone into your local Machine.

Step 3 Now Click on the code dropdown

Step 4 Copy the URL 

Step 5 Now open your git bash/Terminal/Command Line

Step 6 Now, go to the directory where you’d like your cloned directory to appear. Input CD and add the folder location. (as shown in the figure)

Step 7 Now use the git Command and Paste URL

Command: git clone (Repository URL)

Step 8 Press the Enter Button from the Keyboard.

Woow !!! You have successfully cloned the GitHub Repository from GitHub to your local machine using the command line. 

Hope!!! The above Tutorial on How to Clone the GitHub Repository into a local Machine is helpful for you...


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