GET Request in Postman With Example


HTTP GET Request in Postman

In Postman Get request is used to retrieve the data from the server. When you are sending the request to the server by selecting the HTTP type as GET then it responds to the server.

A get request in Postman will not affect data on the server. means it will collect the data that is already available on the server. means there is no creation, updation, addition, or deletion of data on the server.

GET Request in Postman With Example

How to Create a Get Request in Postman?

To Create first get the request in Postman just follow the below steps.

Step 1: First select the workspace in which you want to create the request.

Step 2: Now Select the Collection in which you want to create the request

Step 3: Now Click on three dots as shown in the figure then click on the add request option.

Create Get Request in Postman

Step 4: Now Select the request type as GET and Enter the URI.

URI in Postman

Step 5: Now Click on the Send Button.

Send Get Request in Postman


Step 6: As soon as you click on Send button you will receive the response from the server.

Gest Request Response

What we Should validate when sending a Get Request?

To validate the response verify the below component 

  • Response Body
  • Status Code
  • Response Time
  • Size
  • Cookies 
  • Headers

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