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Test Cases for Upload Image

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Sample Test Cases for Image Upload Functionality 

How to Write Test Cases For Image Upload?

Hello Folks, 

In this tutorial, we will learn how to write file upload Test Cases? We will also learn about positive test scenarios and Negative test scenarios.

What Are The Test Cases for Image Upload?

Here !!!  Important Sample test cases for image upload functionality are listed 

  • First Check whether the upload button is active or not.
  • Check that the system redirects the user to the file location or not then click on upload.
  • Check that the user can select the file or not. 
  • Check whether the selected file name showing or not.
  • Verify whether the cancel button is available or not when the user clicks on the choose button.
  • Verify whether the cancel button is working when the upload process is going on.
  • Verify that when the user uploads a file size more than the defined size MB.
  • Verify the file extension when the user uploads a file DOC, XLXS, PNG JPGE, etc.
  • Verify that the user can upload multiple files at one time.
  • Verify the upload progress bar.
  • Verify the alert message when the user clicks the upload button without selecting any file.
  • Verify the alert message when the user uploads a wrong extension file.
  • Verify the alert message when the user uploads a file more than the defined size.
  • verify for session time out.
  • Verify the upload if the selected image has Space, a special char in the file name.
  • Verify the upload by selecting the Duplicate file.
  • Verify whether the upload button is disabled or not when the upload of a file is already in progress.
  • Verify whether the progress bar resumes or not when there is any network issue.

  • Verify whether the confirmation message showing or not when the application uploads the file successfully.
  • Check the landing page when the system uploads the file successfully. 
  • Verify the time duration, to upload a file.
  • Check the upload functionality by selecting multiple files same time.
  • Check whether the extension name and size are mentioned.

Hope!!! The above Test Case For upload functionality is helpful for you...

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Test cases for image upload