Test Case For OTP Verification

Test Cases For OTP Verification - How To Test OTP Verification Functionality?
Here !!! Important test case for OTP verification given...
  • One Time Password must be generated within the time period.
  • Limitations of the number of OTP generation for single authentication.
  •  It is received only on registered Mobile Numbers / E-mail Addresses.
  •  Check Network delay for expiry of One-Time Password.
  •  Verify How many times the user can provide invalid OTP?
  • Verify After multiple invalid tries, verify that the system temporarily blocks the account.
  •  Provide an invalid Phone Number or E-Mail address and submit the OTP. Check the validation.
  •  Are the one-time password patterns are predictable?
  • Check that when the user receives multiple OTP and enters the first received OTP.
  • Verify the Case sensitiveness of OTP.

Hope the above test case for OTP verification is helpful for you ...
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