Test Cases For Hamburger Menu -Hamburger Menu Test Scenarios

Test Cases for Hamburger Menu or Navigation Bar

How to write Test cases for Hamburger Menu?

Here!!! Important test cases for the hamburger menu are given below...
  • Verify that clicking the down arrow or mouse hovering over the menu item, displays the mega panel.
  • Verify that the contents on the mega panel are not congested and are properly displayed.
  • Verify that when contents under a menu item are small, the area of the mega panel is getting adjusted accordingly.
  • Verify that links to read more are given if there is more content to be displayed.
  • Verify that reading more buttons/links on the mega panel directs the user to its corresponding details page.
  • Verify that the images on the mega panel are getting loaded and getting displayed without cropping.
  • Verify the alignment and spacing among the contents.
  • Verify the positioning of the mega panel. The mega panel should be center aligned.
  • Verify the loading time for the mega menu.
  • Verify the user-friendliness of the mega menu.
  • Verify the browser compatibility of the mega menu.
  • Verify that the mega menu is responsive on different mobile applications
Hope !!! The above test cases of hamburger menu are helpful for you !!!

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Test Cases For Hamburger Menu