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SQL Delete Query With Example

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SQL DELETE Statement - How To Delete a Record From a Table in SQL?

Delete query in SQL with Example

SQL Delete Statement 
IN SQL DELETE Query  is used to delete existing records in a table.

Syntax of Delete Statement 
The Basic Syntax For the DELETE table is as Follows

DELETE syntax for deleting the specified record from the table.

DELETE FROM table_name WHERE condition;

DELETE Syntax to record all the Column From the table.

DELETE FROM table_name;

  • How to Delete a specific record From a Database? 


DELETE FROM Student  WHERE StudentName='Ram;
Example Explanation
In the above Query, it will Delete the student whose name is Ram from the Student table.

  • How to Delete all records From a database?


DELETE FROM Customers;
In the above Query, it will Delete all the Row Present in the Student table It will not delete the table just Delete all the Columns.

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