Test Cases For Logout | Test Scenarios For Logout

Test Cases For Logout 

How to Write Test Cases for Logout Functionality? 

Here !!! The Most Important Test Cases for Logout Given 
  • Verify  After successful login in Gmail click on the profile icon to check logout button is visible or not.
  • Verify by Clicking on the sign-out button without an internet connection and reconnecting to the internet to check if it’s properly logout or not.
  • Verify by clicking on the logout s button, after successful logout on the login screen press the back button.
  • Verify, login into more than two browser or mobiles and log out from anyone from them and check all other account is properly working or all get logout.
  •  Verify  After logout tries to re-login with the same or different account it’s allowing or not.
  •  Verify all UI components are visible properly.
  •  Verify by  Login with correct user close tab (x) and reopen (Chrome browser ctrl+Shift+ t) check user is logged in or auto logout from Gmail
  •  The logout option should not be visible till the user is logged in.
  •  Verify the spelling of the Logout option.
  •  Verify that the link to logout is clickable when a user is logged in.
Security test cases For Log Out
  •   Verify the logs for the login and logout sessions.
  •   Verify if the logs contain multiple IPs for a single ID at the same time.
  •   Verify if the logs contain a denial of service attack for the login or logout.
  •   Verify if the unauthorized IP makes a request for the logout.
  •   Verify if the log has suspicious activity.

Hope !!! The Above Test Case for Logout is Helpful for you ...

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Logout test cases 


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