Test Cases For Password Field -Updated Test Cases 2020

Test Cases For Password Field 
Here the important test cases for password field given....
  • Check that user able to enter the password in text box 
  • Check that when user type the password it get encrypted or not .
  • Check the password filed by entering the space .
  • Check the data type for the password field (Whether it accept alphabet , numeric , and special char depends on customer requirement)
  • Check the alert message when has not entered the password as per requirement.
  • Check that if there is any progress bar (weak , medium , strong )
  • Check that user able to paste in password filed .
  • Check the max char limit for the char fields .
  • Check the functionality of view icon (if password filed have , verify that clicking on view icon password getting display )
  • Check the asterisk symbol for password filed , if it is mandatory field.
  • check the alert message When user leave the password field blank .
Hope !!! The above Test cases for password field helpful for you 
QA acharya

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Test cases for password field

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