Test Cases For Disable Field - In-Active Field Testing


Test Cases For Disable Field /Inactive Field

How to test the Disabled field?

Disable Field: Un-Clickable
 A field that is displayed in the inactive mode after page load or selection of elements.

Here!!! Some of the important Test cases for disabled fields are given...

  • First, Verify that when the user clicks on the field (Should display in inactive mode).
  • Check the Default value for disable field.
  • Verify the disable field when the user edits the details.
  • Check that when disable field depends on another element.
  • Verify that disable field is prefilled automatically or not on the selection of the dependent element.
  • Verify the prefilled value is per requirement or not.
  • Check if the disabled field is a mandatory field and the user leaves the field blank.
  • Check that when the user tries to active the field by inspecting and entering the negative value and trying to save.
  • Check that user is able to select the value from the disabled field.
  • Check default colour for disabled field.
  • Check the default colour of the text for the disabled field.
  • Verify the cursor icon when the user hovers the mouse on the disabled field.
  • Check if the disable field getting enabled on the selection of any other element.
Hope !!! The above Test cases for disable field are helpful for you...

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Test Cases For Disable Field

How to verify the element is enabled or disabled in Selenium Webdriver?

Syntax :
boolean FirstName= driver.findElement(By.id("fname")).isEnabled(); System.out.print(FirstName);
System.out.print("Text box Full name is enabled. "); }
System.out.print("Text box Full name is disabled."); 

How do I disable/enable a form element?-JQuery

Disable #x
 $( "#x" ).prop( "disabled", true );
// Enable #x 
$( "#x" ).prop( "disabled", false );

How to disable an input type=text in Java Script?

<input type="text" disabled="disabled" /> 
<input type="text" readonly="readonly" />


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