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Test Cases For Toggle Button - Sample Test Cases

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 Test Cases For Toggle Button

Here!!! Important test cases for the toggle button are given ...

  • First, check whether the user is able to on/off the toggle button or not.
  • Check the toggle button on the user's first view.
  • Verify the button color getting changed or not when the user is on or off the button.
  • Verify the dependent element working as expected or not when the user is on or off the toggle button.
  • Verify the design of the toggle button is per requirement or not.
  • Check the positioning of the toggle button.
  • Check the size of the toggle button.
  • Check the color of the button. (on/off)
  • Check that user able to on/off the toggle button if there are multiple buttons is there.

Hope !!! The above test case for the toggle button is helpful for you..

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Test Cases for Toggle button

How to Create a toggle Switch?

<!-- Rectangular switch -->
<label class="switch">
  <input type="checkbox">
  <span class="slider"></span>

<!-- Rounded switch -->
<label class="switch">
  <input type="checkbox">
  <span class="slider round"></span>

/* The switch - the box around the slider */
.switch {
  position: relative;
  display: inline-block;
  width: 60px;
  height: 34px;

/* Hide default HTML checkbox */
.switch input {
  opacity: 0;
  width: 0;
  height: 0;

/* The slider */
.slider {
  position: absolute;
  cursor: pointer;
  top: 0;
  left: 0;
  right: 0;
  bottom: 0;
  background-color: #ccc;
  -webkit-transition: .4s;
  transition: .4s;

.slider:before {
  position: absolute;
  content: "";
  height: 26px;
  width: 26px;
  left: 4px;
  bottom: 4px;
  background-color: white;
  -webkit-transition: .4s;
  transition: .4s;

input:checked + .slider {
  background-color: #2196F3;

input:focus + .slider {
  box-shadow: 0 0 1px #2196F3;

input:checked + .slider:before {
  -webkit-transform: translateX(26px);
  -ms-transform: translateX(26px);
  transform: translateX(26px);

/* Rounded sliders */
.slider.round {
  border-radius: 34px;

.slider.round:before {
  border-radius: 50%;

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