Test Cases For Remember me Checkbox

Sample Test Scenarios for Remember Me Check Box 

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to write remember me test cases? We will also learn about positive test scenarios and Negative test scenarios.

What Are The Test Cases for Remember Me CheckBox?

Here!!! Important Test Cases for Remember Me Check box is given...

  • First Verify that the user can select remember me check box or not (checkbox is active or not).
  • Check that the checkbox is enabled by default or enabled when the user enters a username and password.
  • Check that the password gets saved in browser cookies when the user selects remember me check box.
  • Check that by default username and password showing in the field or not when the user checks to remember me checkbox and visits the site again.
  • Check that username and password in the browser. cookies when the user visits again and unchecked the remember me checkbox.
  • Verify that when the user login into the system without selecting remember me checkbox.
  • Check the browser cookies when the user logs in without selecting the remember me checkbox.
  • Check that when the user clears the browser cookies and tries to log in on the same.

When the user Select Remember Me Check Box-

  • Check Box Should be displayed checked.
  • Username and Password should save in browser cookies.
  • The system should not ask for the username and password when the user next time try to log in.

When the user does not select the Remember Me Check Box-

  • The check box Should be displayed unchecked
  • The username and password should not be saved in browser cookies.
  • The system should ask always for a username and password.

Hope!!! The above test cases for Remember Me Checkbox are helpful For you...

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Test Cases for Remember Me Checkbox

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