Test Cases For Remember me Checkbox- Remember Me Checkbox on Login Page

 Test Cases for Remember Me Check Box - How to Test Remember me Check Box Functionality?

Here!!! Important Test cases for Remember Me Check box is given..
  • First Verify that the user is able to select remember me check box or not (checkbox is active or not).
  • Check that checkbox is enabled by default or enabled when the user enters a username and password.
  • Check that password gets saved in browser cookies when the user select remember me check box.
  • Check that by default username and password showing in the field or not when the user checked to remember me checkbox and visits the site again.
  • Check that username and password in the browser. cookies when the user visits again and unchecked the remember me checkbox.
  • Verify that when user login into the system without selecting remember me checkbox.
  • Check the browser cookies when the user login without selecting the remember me checkbox.
  • Check that when the user clears the browser cookies and tries to log in on the same.

When the user Select Remember me Check Box-
  • Check Box Should be displayed checked.
  • Username and Password should save in browser cookies.
  • The system should not ask for the username password when the user next time try to log in.
When the user does not select Remember me Check Box-

  • The check box Should be displayed unchecked
  • Username and password should not be saved in browser cookies.
  • The system should ask always for a username and password.
Hope!!! The above test cases for Remember me Checkbox are helpful For you...

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Test Cases for Remember me Checkbox


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