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Test Cases for Website Cookies

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Sample Test Cases and Scenarios For Cookies With Example

Hello Folks, 

In this tutorial, we will learn how to write website cookies Test Cases? We will also learn about positive test scenarios and Negative test scenarios.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of information stored in a text file on the user's hard drive by the web server.

Other names of cookies :

A cookie is also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, internet cookie, or browser cookie.

Types of Cookies :
There are two types of cookies
  • Session Cookies
  • Persistent Cookies

How to test cookies in website?

Here!!! Some of the important test cases for website cookies are given...

  • Check that no sensitive and personal data is stored in cookies.
  • Check that any personal data stored by the web server in cookies should be stored in an encrypted format.
  • Verify if the cookie stored by one website is not being used by another website. 
  • Verify if the website stores the cookie in the proper location of the browser's cookie storage location.
  • Verify each of the browser cookie storage locations is unique.
  • Check whether all functionality is working or not when the user disabled the cookies from the setting. the page should not crash when the user disabled the cookies.
  • Verify that when the user deletes the cookies and tries to navigate on the same URL.
  • Verify that when the user removes the cookies and tries to navigate on the same URL.
  • Verify that when the user edits the cookies and tries to navigate on the same URL.
  • Verify that the alert message showing or not when the user disabled the cookies and tries to navigate the URL.
  • Verify that credit/Debit card numbers should not be stored in cookies not even in encrypted form.
  • Verify if the website overuses the cookies in an application.
  • Check that cookies written by one domain cannot be accessed by another domain.
  • Check whether the cookies are being written correctly on all supported browsers (chrome, firefox, etc.)

Cookies Storage Location:
Chrome Browser: 
Settings – Advanced – Privacy and security – Content Settings – Cookies – See all cookies and site data 

Firefox Browser: 
Open Firefox and click on the Hamburger menu – Go to Options – Privacy – Remove individual cookies

How to Test Cookies in Website with Example?

The step-by-step process of testing website cookies is given below 

Step 1: Disable cookies 

Disable cookies from the browser settings and try to navigate the important functions of the website.

Step 2: Corrupting cookies

Go to the Browser setting and Manually edit the cookie in Notepad and change the parameters with some random values and try to navigate the Same URL

Step 3: Cookies encryption

Sensitive information like passwords and usernames should be encrypted and ATM Card details should not be saved.

Step 4: Cookie testing with multiple browsers

Verify your website page is writing the cookies properly on all browsers (chrome, firefox etc.)as expected

Step 5: Checking the deletion of your web application page

Verify whether the cookies are deleted from your web application or not

Step 6: Selectively reject cookies

Delete all the cookies for the websites and see how the website reacts to it

Step 7: Access to cookies

verify cookies written by one website should not be accessible to others

Step 8: No overuse of cookies

If the application under test is a public website, there should not be an overuse of cookies.

Step 9: Testing with the different setting

Testing should be done properly to check that the website is working well with different cookie settings.

Step 10: Categorize cookies separately

Cookies should not be kept in the same category as viruses, spam, or spyware

Hope !!! The above test cases for cookies testing are helpful for you ...

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Test cases for cookies 

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