Test Cases For Validation Error Message


Sample Test Cases for Validation Error  

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to write validation Error Message Test Cases? We will also learn about positive test scenarios and Negative test scenarios.

What are the Test Scenarios for the Error Message?

Here!!! Some of the important sample test case for the validation messages is given...

  • First Verify that the Message is showing for the valid element or not.
  • Check that the message shows when the user leaves then mandatory action to perform.
  • Verify that messages showing to users are as per requirement.

  • Verify the spelling mistakes in the validation message.
  • Verify that the error message showing as the required action.
  • Check whether the alert message is hidden or not when the user enters or selects valid data.

  • Check the colour of the error message.
  • Check that the field is marked with an Asterisk symbol. (it depends on per requirement).
  • verify that the error message is properly visible to the end user.

  • Check grammar for the error message.

  • Verify the Message showing in normal, popup, Toast message, and Sweet alerts.

Hope!!! The above Test cases on the Validation message are helpful for you...

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Test Cases for Error message 

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