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Sample Experience Letter For Software Tester - Experience Letter Format 

Experience Letter For QA engineers

What is an Experience Letter?

An experience letter, also known as an employment reference letter or work experience letter, is a formal document issued by an employer to an employee upon their departure from the company or organization. It serves as a testimonial of the individual's employment and outlines their job responsibilities, skills, achievements, and overall performance during their tenure.

Typically, an experience letter includes the following information:

Employee's basic information: Name, job title, department, and duration of employment.

Job description: A brief summary of the employee's roles, responsibilities, and tasks performed during their employment.

Performance evaluation: An assessment of the employee's performance, work ethic, and professional conduct during their time with the organization. This may include details of notable achievements or accomplishments.

Skills and qualifications: A list of the employee's key skills, competencies, and qualifications relevant to their job role. This helps prospective employers gauge the individual's capabilities and suitability for future positions.

Personal qualities and character: A statement regarding the employee's personal qualities, such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and other attributes that reflect their professional conduct and character.

Contact information: The contact details of the employer or designated representative who can verify the authenticity of the experience letter if required.

Experience letters are often requested by employees when they are transitioning to new job opportunities or when they need to provide evidence of their work experience. These letters carry significant weight and can enhance an individual's job prospects by providing prospective employers with valuable insights into their past performance and capabilities.

Basic Template of Experience Letter for Software Tester

Here Basic template of the experience certificate for software testers is given.

[Company_Name] [Company_Address]


                                      Experience Letter

Name of the Employee:

It is to certify that (employee’s name) was employed as (job title) in the (department) of (Name of Company) from (Joining Date) to (Date of resignation).

(Employee’s name) has (skills, major accomplishments, early experiences)

(Details about the employee’s key responsibilities and their contribution to the company).

(Details about the promotions given to the employee and a description of their soft skills, attitude, and behavior).

We are sure that their passion and dedication will help them excel in whatever they choose to do next in their life. They have shown a high level of commitment throughout their time with our company.

We wish (employee’s name) all the best for their future.




[Contact details]

Experience Letter for Software Tester / QA /Test Engineer

Sample Experience Letter for Software Tester 

The sample Experience Letter format for the software tester is given below

UP Consultancy Services

26 Shivdhari Bhawan Jaunpur
Uttar Pradesh 222161


Experience Letter

Mr.Sandeep Kumar Yadav

It is to certify that Sandeep Kumar Yadav was employed as Senior Software Test Engineer in the QA of UP Consultancy Services from 10/01/2022 to 14/11/2023

Sandeep Kumar Yadav has exemplary skills in his field and has knowledge of financial software like Python. Being a Test Engineer, he is very attentive to details. He has shown due diligence and commitment toward his work throughout his work tenure.

He was responsible for heading the QA department. His far-sighted decisions helped in the company’s growth. He is a soft-spoken and composed individual, works well under pressure, and treats his subordinates well.

We are sure that their passion and dedication will help them excel in whatever they choose to do next in their life. They have shown a high level of commitment throughout their time with our company.

We wish Sandeep Kumar Yadav all the best for their future.


Hemlata Singh Yadav

HR Manager

UP Consultancy Services


Experience letter template

The above sample experience letter will give you an idea how the experience letter looks like.

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