GIT and GIThub Tutorials for Software Tester


GIT GIThub Tutorials for Software Tester 

GIT For Software Tester

What is Git?

Git is a version Control system used to track code changes.

Why only Git?

  • Git is Popular.
  • Git is Open Source.
  • Git is Fast and Scalable.
Why We Use Git?
  • Track the changes (history) in the Code.
  • Helps in Collaboration with Team.
What is GitHub?

GitHub is a website that allows developers to store and manage their code using Git.

Official Website of Github

Basic GIT Terminology 

  • Repository (Repo)
  • Commit 
  • Branch 
  • staged 
  • origin

GIT and Git Hub Configuration

GIT Configuration

Installed and configured git

How to Check Whether GIT is installed properly or not?

git version
git version command is used to know the version of git and also to verify whether the git is installed properly or not.

Verify whether git is installed or not

Create a Folder in your local Machine. (you can use your existing folder also)

Open the folder and add all the files you want to push on Git Hub.

Now Right click on your mouse and select the option open git bash here.

 Now Run the command git init 

Now Run a Command git add. (to add all files on staging area)

Now Run a git Command git commit -m "message"

Wow!!! You have successfully set the git in your local machine...

GitHub Configuration

Create a GitHub Profile. (if you already have a git account skip this step)

Create Repository (Repo)

Connect Git to Github
How to Connect Git to Github?

To connect your git to Github Repo just follow the below Steps.

Make sure that you have installed Git and also created a GitHub repo.

Step 1 Create a GitHub token (Generate a Personal Access Token on GitHub).

To generate a Personal Access Token on GitHub follow the below Steps

Click on your GitHub profile

Now Click on Settings Option 

Scroll Down page and click on the developer setting Option.

Now Click on the personal access token ->Token (Classic) Option.

Now Click on the Generate new token option then select the Generate new token (classic) option.

Now enter your Git hub password.

Enter Note (enter accordingly)
Select Expiration accordingly (select accordingly)
Select Scopes (All Check box should be selected)

Now Click on the Generate Token Button.

Now Copy the generated token (save the token safely)

Step 2 Configure Token to Git.

Now open your GitHub repo, copy the address, and paste it on the notepad.

Now Just add the token and @ symbol in the copied address as mentioned. 

git remote add origin https://[Token]

Now Go to Git bash paste the address and Click on Enter


Woohhh !!! Your git is connected to GitHub Now you can push your code to github.

Git Command 

git --Version (To Know the version of git)

git init (Initializes the folder as a git repository)

git clone 

git add . (add changes)

git commit -m "message" (commit changes)

git push (push code to GitHub)

git pull 

git diff (to get the exact change in file line by line)

git status (to get the file name in which changes are done)

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