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Defect Life Cycle Or Bug life Cycle in Software Testing

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What is defect life Cycle ?
In Software testing a defect life cycle is also know as the bug life cycle 

 Flow of Bug Life Cycle

When the development team complete the development process successfully then they send the application to Testing team for testing of the application ,and testing team started testing the application ,As soon as testing team find a defect the they prepare a defect report and send it to the development team and set the status as NEW .Then development lead go through the defect report and understand the defect if the bug reported by the tester is valid then he assign the defect to the developer who make that mistake and set the status as ASSIGN .Then developer go through the defect report understand the defect if it valid bug the he fixed it and set the status as FIXED .if it is invalid then set the status REJECTED and send the defect report to testing team ,Now testing team verify the defect reported by him if the defect  is fixed then they set the status as CLOSED.if bug is not fixed then they set the status as REOPEN and again send the defect report to development team and development Lead again go through the defect report and again assign to the developer who make that mistake and set the status as REASSIGNED and same process repeated  until the bug has not fixed

Bug Life cycle States-
Following are the different stages of bug in bug life cycle

  • New -When tester finds any new bug then he report the bug with status " New"
  • Assign - Lead of tester verify and approve the bug reported by tester and assign the same to development team and change status " Assign"
  • Fixed - As soon as developer fix the bug reported by testing team then he /she set status as Fixed.
  • Duplicate - When same tester or two different tester report the same bug multiple time then status is changed to "Duplicate"
  • Not a Defect - When tester report any feature as bug then developer set the status as "Not a defect"
  • Rfe-Request for Enhancement - When tester report a any suggestion which mandatory for all application then status changed to " RFE"
  • Deferred - when bug reported with low priority which can fix in next phase then status changed to deferred. 
  • Reopen - When a bug not got fixed then tester changed status of bug as "Reopen".
  • Rejected - When defect reported by tester not understandable or not available then developer change status to " Rejected"
  • Reassigned - once tester reopen any bug , when team lead assign bug again to development team the changed status as " Reassigned".
  • Closed - Once bug got fixed and tester verify from their end then changed status as "Closed".
Hope !!! Above tutorial of bug life cycle with example in software testing helpful for you ...

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Bug Life cycle with example 


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