Selenium WebDriver Tutorial : Beginner Level


                   Selenium Webdriver Tutorial

Selenium Webdriver

  • Tutorial  What is selenium? Introduction to Automation Testing.
  • Tutorial  Introduction to selenium web driver.
  • Tutorial  How to download and install web driver.
  • Tutorial  Locator in selenium web driver.
Text Box
  • Tutorial  How to handle textbox in selenium?.
Check Box
  • Tutorial  How to handle checkbox in selenium?.
Radio Button
  • Tutorial  How to handle radio buttons in selenium?.
  • Tutorial  How to handle dropdown in selenium?.
Alerts and Popups
  • Tutorial  How to handle alerts and popups in selenium?.

  • Tutorial  How to handle browser in selenium?.
  • Tutorial  How to handle multiple windows in selenium?.
  • Tutorial  How to get and Verify page titles in selenium?.

Mouse Action
  • Tutorial  How to handle mouse action in selenium?.
  • Tutorial  How to handle cookies in selenium?.
  • Tutorial  How to handle images in selenium?.
Web Table
  • Tutorial  How to handle web table in selenium?.
Disabled Fied (Inactive Field)
  • Tutorial  How to handle Disabled Field in selenium?.

  • Tutorial  How to capture screenshots in selenium?.
File Uploads
  • Tutorial  How to Upload file in selenium?.

  • Tutorial  Introduction to TestNG.
  • Tutorial  How to download and install TestNG.
  • Tutorial  TestNg @priority in selenium

What is Automation Testing?

In Software testing automation testing is a strategy in which a tester runs the test cases by writing a test script using a tool or a framework instead of manually going through the test cases and executing them one by one.

Goal of Automation Testing 
The main goal of automation testing is to save 
  • Time
  • Effort
  • Money
What all things can you automate?
  • Regression test suite 
  • Smoke / Sanity test suite 
  • Build deployment 
  • Test data creation 
  • API

Selenium Webdriver Tutorial