Agile Methodology Tutorial - Complete Guide For Beginners

                                   Agile Methodology Tutorial

What is Agile methodology ?
Agile is a software development methodology that promotes the continue iteration of development and testing throughout the life cycle of a project. In agile Methodology development and testing of application are concurrent unlike the waterfall and other testing model. Agile methodology is a an iterative model using short iteration of 1 to 4 weeks .

What is the need of agile Methodology ?
To overcome the problem which occurs in traditional model agile methodology was introduced. Below are some basic benefits of agile methodology given 
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Transparency 
  • Early and predictable delivery 
  • predictable cost and schedule
  • Allow for changes
  • Focuses on business value
  • Focuses on users 
  • Quality Products
This agile tutorial helps you to understand the basic concept of agile , scrum testing . This is a guide for all beginners , Intermediate and advance programmer. Agile tutorial is also Known as the agile methodology tutorial ..
What is Scrum in Agile ? | Agile Scrum
Definition : In Agile scrum is framework in which group of people work together to reach common goal with different strategy .By using this methodology team member can build a complex software.
Scrum and agile are not same . Scrum is a framework used to continuous improvement ,which is foundation of agile .

Scrum Team | Scrum Role
In agile scrum team is a composition of 7 with + or - 2 team member .All scrum team work together to achieve the project requirement .Each and every member of scrum team should be cross functional .
In agile methodology there as 3 scrum role 
  • Product owner (PO) 
  • Scrum master (SM)
  • Development team  (Developer & Tester )
Product Owner (PO) 
In agile model a product owner act as bridge between customer and development team , Product owner responsible for prioritising product backlog and conducting sprint planning meeting.

Scrum Master (SM)
In agile scrum master represent both testing and development team ,SM responsible for conducting daily scrum meeting. Scrum Master act as bridge between Product owner and Development team .

Development Team (Developer and Tester )
In Agile model Development team responsible for following all strategy provided by the scrum master , they also responsible for daily sand up /Scrum meeting .

What is sprint in agile?
In agile sprint is means the effort spent and time taken by both development team and testing team to develop and test certain set of feature within a given time . In other word we can say that sprint a predefine time in which work has to be completed .

Sprint Days
sprint days in agile is duration or no. of days within which a set of feature has to be developed or tested .usually sprint duration is around 15-20 days.

What is Product Backlog in agile ? | Product Backlog
A product backlog is list of prioritized features which is maintain by product owner .In other word we can say that product backlog is a kind of bucket where all the user stories are kept and product owner who prioritizes it as per the business requirement. Product Backlog contains a short description of all the functionalities required in the product .

"Product owner responsible for converting and prioritizing backlog to product backlog".

Importance of product backlog 
importance of product backlog listed below .
  • Product backlog contain all the user stories 
  • Product backlog helps in planning 

What is Sprint Backlog in Agile ? | Sprint Backlog
Sprint backlog is a set of product backlog item selected for the sprint , as well as plan for delivering the increment .

What is user stories in agile ? | User Stories 
In agile user stories are nothing but short , simple description of feature or requirement written from the perspective of end user or customer .They follow the simple template as-(role-feature-benefit) pattern.

As a <User / type of user> I want to <Some target> To achieve <some reason>

Agile Methodology Tutorial
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