Installing And Configuring Java in Window

How To Download Java For Windows jdk

To Install Java Follow The Step Given Below

Step) Open Google type Jdk Download and click on first link

Next Step) Click On Java Icon

Next Step)
1)First Accept License Agreement

2)Then Click on Download latest Java JDK for your version(32 or 64 bit) of java for Windows.

Now Download  the Exe Or Zip File And Save it Your Location
The Click on Exe File To Download and Simply Click Next next……once the JdK install Finally Click on close.

How to Configure The java in Windows JDK

To configure The java In System Follow These Step
How to set Environment Variables in Java -Path
Next Step)
Step1) Go to My Computer Right Click on My Computer icon and
Step2)Select The option Properties

Next Step)-Select option advanced system settings

Next Step) Select Environment Variable Option 

Next Step) Click on New button

NEXT Step)Type The PATH In Variable Name Text Box

Next Step) Now Copy JDK Bin Location Here
                                    For Bin Location-My Computer> C Drive > Program File > Java >                                                                                                   Jdk>Bin>Copy the Location And Paste 

Next Step) Paste It In Variable Value Text Field and click on OK Button

How to Check java Is Properly Configure OR NOT?

To Check Java Properly installed Or Not follow These Step
Step –Go to Command Prompt
Step-2  type Javac and Press Enter
Step -3 Then Below Screen Are Visible (Means Java Installed Properly)

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