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Test Cases For Table and What are the Test Scenarios For Table

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Sample Test Cases for Table

Hello Folks, 

In this tutorial, we will learn how to write Table Test Cases? We will also learn about positive test scenarios and Negative test scenarios.

Here !! Important test cases for the table given... 

  • Verify the metal of the table i.e. wood or iron or plastic.
  • Verify the shape of the table.
  • Verify how many legs the table has.
  • Verify the colour of the table.
  • Verify if the table is standing straight on its legs.
  • Verify how much the weight table will constraints
  • Verify the table has any rack.
  • Verify the height and width of the table size
  • Verify table is foldable or not.
  • Verify whether round or square in shape.
  • Verify the table type.

Hope!! The above Test cases for the table are helpful for you...

QA acharya

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Test cases for table

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