Test Cases For Lift

Test Cases For Lift
Here!! The important test cases for lift given

1. Verify that the lift moves to specific floor as the button of the floor is pressed.

2. Verify  that the lift stops when up/down buttons at particular floor are pressed

3. Verify that in case of power failure, lift get halted to a particular floor.[This will further depend upon the requirements]

5. Verify that if door is about to close and anybody places his/her foot between the doors, doors senses it and stops.

7. Verify that door does not open while the lifts is moving

8. Verify that door opens once it reaches the floor pressed by person

10. Verify that lift gives warning/alarm in case capacity limit is reached

12. Verify that inside lift users are prompted with current floor and direction information the lift is moving towards- audio/visual prompt

13. Verify that door locks automatically and opens automatically when destination is reached

14. Verify the First Come First Serve priority(e.g if 2 persons entered in 5th floor, one pressed the button to 10th and another pressed basement button)

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Test cases for lift

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