Test Cases For Chair

Test Cases For Chair
 Here!! The Important Test cases for Chair given...

  • verify the legs of chair (count )
  • verify the all leg of chair on a plane surface are equal or not
  • verify the chair back rest .
  • verify that the human able to sit comfortably or not on chair  .
  • verify that the chair able to sustain the load as per requirement or not .
  • verify the material used in making of chair whether it is wood, Plastic ,iron or other material.
  • verify the sitting space in chair is according to requirement .
  • verify that the chair have arm rest or not .
  • verify the color of chair is as per specification.
  • verify the weight of chair .
  • verify the height of the chair form the surface . 
  • verify the types of chair whether it is-
 1.      Office chair
 2.      Dining room chair
 3.      Dentist chair
 4.      Beanbag chair
 5.      Swing chair
6.      Public benches
 7.     Arm chair.......etc

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Hope! The Above Test Cases For Chair Helpful For You...
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