Test Cases For Chair And What are The Test Scenarios For Chair

Sample Test Cases For Chair 

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to write chair Test Cases? We will also learn about positive test scenarios and Negative test scenarios.

 Here!! The Important Test Cases for Chair Given...

  • verify the legs of the chair (count ) 
  • verify that all legs of the chair on a plane surface are equal or not
  • verify the chair backrest.
  • verify the human ability to sit comfortably or not on a chair.
  • verify that the chair is able to sustain the load as per requirement or not.
  • verify the material used in the making of the chair whether it is wood, plastic, iron, or other material.
  • verify the sitting space in the chair is according to the requirement.
  • verify that the chair has an armrest or not.
  • verify the colour of the chair as per specification.
  • verify the weight of the chair.
  • verify the height of the chair from the surface. 
  • verify the type of chair whether it is-

  1. Office chair
  2. Dining room chair
  3. Dentist chair
  4. Beanbag chair
  5. Swing chair
  6. Public benches
  7. Armchair.......etc                                                                                                                     
Hope!!! The Above Tutorial on Test Cases For Chairs is Helpful For You...


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Test cases for chair

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