Test Cases For Pen

Test Cases For Pen 
The Real Time Test Scenarios For Pen Given Below
  • Verify the pen type gel pen , normal pen , sketch pen, ink pen ball pen etc.
  • Verify the ink color green , red , black ,etc.
  • Check that user able to open the pen cap easily .
  • Check that user able to write smoothly .
  • Check that user able to write on paper .
  • Verify that user able to hold the pen comfortably .
  • Verify the material used for pen (plastic , metallic as per CRS) .
  • Check that pen company name and logo properly visible .
  • Check the nib size .
  • Check the water proof ink ( if not a gel pen)
  • Check the outer body color of pen .
  • Check that text written by pen (erasable or permanent )
  • Check if pen support multiple refills .
  • Check that pen ink leakage , when tilled it down .
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Test cases for pen 

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