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Test Cases For Pen - Pen Test Scenarios

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Test Cases For Pen - How to write test cases for a Pen?

The Real-Time Test Scenarios For Pen Given Below

  • Verify the pen type gel pen, normal pen, sketch pen, ink pen ball pen, etc.
  • Verify the ink colour is green, red, black, etc.
  • Check that the user is able to open the pen cap easily.
  • Check that the user is able to write smoothly.
  • Check that the user is able to write on paper.
  • Verify that the user is able to hold the pen comfortably.
  • Verify the material used for the pen (plastic, metallic as per CRS).
  • Check that the pen company name and logo are properly visible.
  • Check the nib size.
  • Check the waterproof ink ( if not a gel pen)
  • Check the outer body colour of the pen.
  • Check that the text is written by pen (erasable or permanent )
  • Check if the pen supports multiple refills.
  • Check that pen ink leakage, when tilled it down.

Types Of Pen-Learn About the Different Types of Pens
  1. Ballpoint Pen
  2. Rollerball Pens
  3. Gel Pens
  4. Marker Pens
  5. Stylus Pens

Hope !!! The above test cases for pens are helpful for you...
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Test cases for pen