Test Cases and Scenarios For Calculator

Test Cases For Calculator - Calculator Test Cases

Here!! Important test case for calculator is Given....
  • Verify the calculator type whether it is a normal calculator or a scientific calculator.
  • Verify the button present on the calculator.
  • Verify the text written on the calculator button is visible and readable or not.
  • Verify the display screen of the calculator.
  • Verify that hitting 'C' cancels any digits or operation added.
  • Verify the spacing between the two buttons, the buttons should not be too closely placed.
  • Verify the material used in the calculator body.
  • Verify calculator has 9 numeric digits or not
  • Verify the on /off button in the calculator.
  • The calculator should not allow characters.
  • Verify calculator runs from the cell or battery, not through the power supply.
  • Verify the calculator operation such as addition, multiplication, division, subtraction etc.
  • Verify that after erasing numbers the calculation is taking into account the latest number and not any previous number with more digits.
  • Verify that by pressing the operations when no number is present does not have any effect on the upcoming calculations.
Hope !!The above test cases for calculator are helpful for you...
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Test cases for calculator

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