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Test Cases For AC - Test Scenarios Fo AC

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Test Cases For AC 

Here!! The Important Test Cases For Ac are given... 

Air Conditioner (AC) Testing Scenarios

  • First Verify the AC Types (Window AC or Split AC).
  • Check the AC Cooling Capacity is as per requirement.
  • Check whether the Minimum Voltage required on AC as per requirement or not.
  • Verify that the main Plug of the AC properly fit in the main board or not.
  • Verify The Time AC takes to start When plugin and press the button.
  • Verify How much time the AC takes to start Cooling.
  • Verify  For Water Leakage When Ac Get Started.
  • Verify whether the AC On and off buttons Working or Not (From the Remote and the button on the AC body).
  • verify whether the AC light(red bulb) is on or not and whether the bulb blinks or Not when Plugin.
  • Verify all the AC functions one by one whether they are working or not.
  • Verify whether remote functions are working or not By pressing all Buttons.
  • Verify whether AC cooling is aired in every direction by moving the grill up, down, right & left.
  • Verify that when AC cooling is off only the sample AC fan is on.
  • Verify the time, and how many hours/days it can work continuously.
  • verify the AC Cooling with different temperatures.  
  • Verify the minimum Temp. of AC.
  • Verify the Maximum Temperature of AC.
  • Check that the user can start the AC without the AC Remote.
  • Verify whether the user can change the AC temp. Without AC Remote.
UI Test Cases For AC:
  • Check the material used for making the AC body.
  • Check the Color of the AC as per requirement or not.
  • Check the AC Brand name and logo as per requirement.
  • Check the weight of the AC.
  • Verify the Design of AC as per requirement or not.

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Hope The Above Test Cases For AC are Helpful For You...!!!

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Test Cases for AC

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