Test Cases For Link

Test Cases For Link

There are two types of link can be available on web page that is internal and external links here are some test scenarios to test link on web page, here the important test cases for link given..

1. Tool tips text should be available and meaningful.
2. Check whether all external links are opening in new window with proper URL
3. Test all internal links are navigating within application as per requirement
4. Test links jumping on the same pages
5 Check whether email address link opening the mail instance like outlook
6. Test to check if there are any blank page to link
7. Test Links opening in other tab /window as per requirement
8. Compatibility Testing for all links on other browser
9. Ensure that color of links change after the page is visited once. (This can vary as per the design).
10. Ensure that the link color is as per the specification.
11. Ensure that a hand icon is displayed when mouse pointer is hovered over the link.
12. Check loading time for internal links as per requirement
13. Check whether shared link is getting shared properly with correct address
14. Check whether shared link is getting opened properly

Hope !!! The Above Test Cases For Link Helpful for you...

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Test cases for link

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