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Usability Testing In Software Testing with Example

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What is Usability Testing?
Usability Testing is a type of non-functional testing in which we test the user-friendliness of the application. user-friendliness means the Look and feel of the application are easy to understand, simple to operate, and feature-rich. etc.

Basically, Usability testing focuses on,

  • Effectiveness of the Application
  • The efficiency of the application.
  • Accuracy of the application.
  • User-friendliness of the application.
How To Do Usability Testing?
In software testing, there are two methods available to do usability testing.
1:Remote Usability testing.
2: Live user Click  Usability Testing.

Who Performs the Usability Testing?
Usability testing performed by the QA engineer /Software testers or UI Testing Expert 

Usability Testing Example

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Usability Testing in Software Testing with Example 

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