Acceptance Testing In Software Testing With Example

Acceptance Testing In Software Testing  With Example

What is Acceptance Testing?
Acceptance testing is a type of software testing that checks whether the developed product meets the customer's requirement or not. the main objective of doing acceptance testing is to evaluate the compliance of the system with the business requirements and assess whether it is acceptable or not.

Definition"Acceptance testing is defined as the testing where a developed application is tested for acceptability. acceptance testing is a level of testing "

Acceptance Testing in Software testing

It is the last phase of software testing performed after System Testing and before deploying it to the main server.
Acceptance Testing with Example

Why do we do acceptance Testing?
There are various reasons for doing acceptance testing which are listed below.
  • Just to check whether the development team has really understood the requirement and developed the product correctly or not 
  • Due to the business pressure development team might be pushing the application with lots of bugs, but during the acceptance testing, we avoided these bugs.
  • To verify your software meets business requirements and user needs.
When to perform the Acceptance Testing?
Acceptance testing is the last level of software testing performed after the system testing and before the release of the application live or actual use.

Types of Acceptance Testing 
There are various types of acceptance testing 
  • user acceptance testing 
  • Business acceptance testing 
  • Alpha testing 
  • Beta testing 
  • Contract acceptance testing 
  • Regulation acceptance testing 
  • Operational acceptance testing 
User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
User acceptance testing (UAT) is used to check whether the product is working according to the customer's requirement or not. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)  is typically the very last test software undergoes after integration testing, end-to-end testing, and every other form of testing required for the specific software product.

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