Test Cases For Delete Functionality (Updated Test Cases -2020)

Test Cases For delete Functionality 
Here!!! Important Test cases for delete functionality given...
  • Check the icon name when user hover the mouse on delete icon from the action column.
  • Check that user able to click on delete icon or button 
  • Check that pre-Confirmation message showing or not when user click on delete icon .
  • Check that when user Click on Yes button then the record get delete and confirmation message showing or not .
  • Check that When user click on No button from the pre-confirmation window then the page redirect to manage screen or not .
  • Verify the Confirmation message .
  • Check that record get deleted or not .
  • Check the Spelling mistakes in confirmation message.
  • Check the Positioning of pre- confirmation message .
  • Check tha button in Pre-confirmation message .
Hope !!! The above Test cases for delete functionality helpful for you ...
QA acharya

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Test cases for delete functionality 

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