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What is Beta Testing ? Beta Testing in Software Testing

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Beta Testing in Software Testing With Example

What is Beta Testing?
Beta testing is a type of software testing performed by real users. Beta testing is a kind of user acceptance testing. Beta testing is the final test before shipping the application to the real user. The biggest advantage of beta testing is direct feedback from customers.

Definition: Beta Testing 
"Beta Testing is defined as the "it is Customer Validation methodologies to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction with the product by letting it be validated by the end-users, who going to use it."
"Beta testing is a type of testing done by end-user at end-user sites  to validate the usability, functionality, compatibility, and reliability testing."

Who Performs the Beta Testing?
Beta testing is performed by an end-user, (A real user who is going to use the application ).

When Beta Testing is Done?
  • Beta testing is performed before releasing the product to the live server. 
  • Beta testing is performed after the alpha testing.

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