Equivalence Partitioning Technique in Software Testing

Equivalence Partitioning Testing in Software Testing
Equivalence Partitioning (EP)

Equivalence Partitioning is a software testing or black box technique , in which the tester divide the set of conditions into a group that can be considered the same (similar behaviour). Equivalence class Partitioning can be applied to all levels of testing.
  • Unit Testing 
  • Integration Testing 
  • System Testing ..etc 
Equivalence Partitioning in Software Testing

How to do the Equivalence Partitioning ?
If a field to be tested accept the range of value the test it for on valid and two invalid data . for details understanding check the below example 

Example on Equivalence Partitioning Test Case Design Technique

Example : Below the student register page given which consist of field like name , class, mobile, age etc. We have to test the age field which accept age between(18-35) .By applying Equivalence Partitioning technique .
Equivalence Partitioning testing example

Here , 

Valid -18 
Invalid -17
Invalid- 36
Here we have applied on valid and two invalid conditions .
  • Age between 18 to 35 considered as the valid age.System should accept the age .
  • Age less than 18 ie.17 and more than 35 ie.36 is invalid age ,system should display alert message . 
Hope !!! The above tutorial of Equivalence class Partitioning helpful for you...

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