Performance Testing in Software Testing

What is Performance Testing?
Performance testing is non-functional testing that checks the stability, reliability and response time of the application under their expected load. Performance testing is type of software testing that ensure that their is no performance bottlenecks in the application .

Performance testing is mainly perform to verify that the speed ,response time , scalability & stability of the application meets the expected requirement or not. performance testing is also called as the perf testing.

Performance Testing In Software testing

Main Focus of Performance Testing 

Speed: Speed determines the response time of the application, and whether the application responds quickly.

Scalability: Scalability determines the ability to bear the load at a time.

Stability: it determines whether the application is stable or not when the amount of use varies.

Reliability: Reliability determines whether the application is reliable or not.

Types Of Performance Testing 
A list of performance testing types is given below.

1) Load Testing 
2) Stress Testing 
3) Endurance Testing 
4) Spike testing 
5) Volume Testing 
6) Scalability Testing 

 Performance Testing Process
Below fig. define the complete process of performance testing 

Performance testing process

Why We Do Performance Testing?
There are various reasons for doing performance testing some of the main reasons are given below 

  • The main important reason of doing performance testing is to eliminate performance bottlenecks from the application.
  • By doing the performance testing we can uncover what the important need to fix before launching the product in real time environment.
  • By doing performance testing we can determine the speed , scalability, and stability of the application when the workload vary. 
  • By doing performance testing we can determine the speed, scalability, and stability of the application that meets the expected requirement before Launching in market.

Performance Testing Tools

List of popular performance testing tools is given below 

1) Jmeter
2) Load runner 
3) Web Load
4) NeoLoad 
5) LoadNinja
6) Open STA

Hope !!! The above tutorial performance testing in software testing is helpful for you ..

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