How to Install TestNG in Eclipse - Step By Step Guide.

How to Install TestNG in Eclipse 

TestNG Installation process in Eclipse
Just follow the below steps to install TestNG in Selenium

How to Install TestNG in Eclipse 
Step-1 Open your Eclipse

  • Click on help from menu bar.
  • Click Install new Software option

Step-2 Click on work with text box

Step-3 Once you click on add it showing a screen

  • Enter the Name As TestNG.
  • Click on Add button.

Step-4 Now

  • Select the TestNG Check Box
  • Click on Next Button

Step-5 Review the item and

  •  Click on Next button.

Step-6 Select the licence

  • Click on radio button "I accept the terms of the license agreement"
  • Click on Finish button.

Step-7 Click on install any way button.

Step-8 Now Click on restart Now Button

 Now TestNG has successfully Installed !!!

How to Verify that TestNG has been installed or Not?
To verify that the TestNG is properly installed or not just follow the below steps 

Step-1 Click On
  • Window from main menu
  • Select the option view more
  • Now Click on other

Step-2 Now Click on Java option form the list
If there is option as TestNG this means that TestNG has been installed successfully .

Problem : While installing TestNG
could not find http // while installing testng

if you are also facing the problem while installing testNG don't worry here the simplest solution for above issue given 

Solution : just paste the below url instead of 
http :// .

copy and paste the below url

How to Set or add the TestNG Jar files in eclipse?
Follow the below steps to add the jar files in eclipse IDE.

Step-1 Right Click on your Project 
Step-2 Go to Properties 

Step-3 Click on add Java Build Path option 
Step-4 Click on Module Path option 
Step-5 Now Click on Add Library button

Step-6 Click on TestNG option .
Step-7 Click on Next Option.

Step-8  Click on Finish button .

Now TestNG Jar file Added Successfully !!

How to Verify that TestNG jar File Added Successfully?

To verify whether the TestNG Jar file was successfully added or not Click on your project if the option of TestNG Showing means it got installed Successfully.

Hope !! The above tutorial of how to install TestNG in Eclipse is helpful for you ...
QA acharya

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