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How to Install TestNG in Eclipse - Step By Step Guide.

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How to Install TestNG in Eclipse ?

TestNG Installation process in Eclipse
Just follow the below steps to install TestNG in selenium

How to Install TestNG in Eclipse 
Step-1 Open your Eclipse

  • Click on help from menu bar.
  • Click Install new Software option

Step-2 Click on work with text box

Step-3 Once you click on add it showing a screen

  • Enter the Name As TestNG.
  • Click on Add button.

Step-4 Now

  • Select the TestNG Check Box
  • Click on Next Button

Step-5 Review the item and

  •  Click on Next button.

Step-6 Select the licence

  • Click on radio button "I accept the terms of the license agreement"
  • Click on Finish button.

Step-7 Click on install any way button.

Step-8 Now Click on restart Now Button

         Now TestNG has successfully Installed !!!
How to Verify that TestNG has installed or Not ?
To verify that the TestNG properly installed or not just follow the below steps 

Step-1 Click On
  • Window from main menu
  • Select the option view more
  • Now Click on other

Step-2 Now Click on Java option form the list
If there is option as TestNG this means that TestNG has been installed successfully .

Problem : While installing TestNG
could not find http // while installing testng

if you are also facing the problem while installing testNG don't worry here the simplest solution for above issue given 

Solution : just paste the below url instead of 
http :// .

copy and paste the below url

How to Set or add the TestNG Jar files in eclipse?
Follow the below steps to add the jar files in eclipse IDE.

Step-1 Right Click on your Project 
Step-2 Go to Properties 

Step-3 Click on add Java Build Path option 
Step-4 Click on Module Path option 
Step-5 Now Click on Add Library button

Step-6 Click on TestNG option .
Step-7 Click on Next Option.

Step-8  Click on Finish button .

Now TestNG Jar file Added Successfully !!
How to Verify that TestNG jar File Added Successfully  ?

To verify that TestNG Jar file added successfully added or not Click on your project if option of TestNG Showing means it got install Successfully .

Hope !! Above tutorial of how to install TestNG in Eclipse helpful for you ...
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