Test Cases For Mouse

Test Cases For Mouse 
Here !!! Important test cases for mouse given ...

  • First Verify the mouse type whether it is -Mechanical mouse , optical and laser mouse , ergonomic mouse , laptop or gaming mouse , tactile mouse .
  • Check the size of mouse as per requirement or not .
  • verify the material for mouse .
  • Verify the mouse weight as per requirement or not .
  • Verify the optical region working as per CRS or not.
  • Verify that mouse has USB plug at the end or not if it is not a wireless mouse .
  • Verify that mouse has Left and right button or not.
  • Verify that if mouse has the scroll button.
  • Verify the Logo and company name.
  • Check that light blink or not when USB connect with system .
  • Check that operating system able to detect the mouse or not when plug the USB to system .
  • Check that mouse pointer visible on screen or not when mouse connect with system successfully.
  • Check that mouse left button and right button working as per requirement or not.
  • Verify the double click functionality of mouse .
  • Verify the mouse pointer speed is as per requirement .
  • Verify that drag and drop functionality working fine or not .
  • Verify the functionality of mouse in different surface .
  • Verify that after clicking right button of mouse a context window get display or not.
  •  Check that folder get open or not when user double click on it .
  • Check that page moving up and down or not when user scroll the page from mouse scroll button.
  • Check that user able to select and hold the folder file through the mouse or not .
Test Cases For Mouse Hover
Here!!! Some of important test cases for mouse hover given below.
  • First Verify that on mouse hover cursor icon get change or not if object is a link .
  • verify that on hover of mouse on object color , icon , text size etc.get change or not (as per requirement )
  • Check that submenu get open or not when hover the mouse.
  • Verify that icon name showing or not when hover mouse on object .
  • Verify that cursor icon get normal or not when user move the cursor from the object.
  • Verify the object name showing as per requirement or not when user hover the mouse .
Hope !!! Above test cases for mouse helpful for you ...
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Test Cases for Mouse

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