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Test Cases For Computer Mouse

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Sample Test Cases For Computer Mouse 

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to write Computer Mouse Test Cases? We will also learn about positive test scenarios and Negative test scenarios.

What Are the Test Cases For Mouse?

Here !!! Important test cases for mouse given ...

  • First Verify the mouse type whether it is a mechanical mouse, optical and laser mouse, ergonomic mouse, laptop or gaming mouse, or tactile mouse.
  • Check the size of the mouse as per requirement or not.
  • verify the material for the mouse.
  • Verify whether the mouse weight is as per requirement or not.
  • Verify whether the optical region working as per CRS or not.
  • Verify that the mouse has a USB plug at the end or not if it is not a wireless mouse.
  • Verify whether the mouse has Left and right buttons or not.
  • Verify that the mouse has the scroll button.
  • Verify the Logo and company name.
  • Check that the light blinks or not when the USB connects with the system.
  • Check that the operating system is able to detect the mouse or not when to plug the USB into the system.
  • Check whether the mouse pointer is visible on the screen or not when the mouse connects with the system successfully.
  • Check whether the mouse's left button and right buttons working as per requirement or not.
  • Verify the double-click functionality of the mouse.
  • Verify the mouse pointer speed is as per requirement.
  • Verify whether the Drag and drop functionality working fine or not.
  • Verify the functionality of the mouse on different surfaces.
  • Verify that after clicking the right button of a mouse a context window gets displayed or not.
  •  Check whether the folder is open or not when the user double-clicks on it.
  • Check the page moving up and down or not when the user scrolls the page from the mouse scroll button.
  • Check whether the user is able to select and hold the folder file through the mouse or not.
Test Cases For Mouse Hover
Here!!! Some of important test cases for mouse hover are given below.
  • First Verify that on mouse hover cursor icon gets changed or not if the object is a link.
  • verify that on hover of the mouse on object colour, icon, text size etc. get change or not (as per requirement )
  • Check whether the submenu opens or not when hovering the mouse.
  • Verify that the icon name showing or not when hovering the mouse on the object.
  • Verify that the cursor icon gets normal or not when the user moves the cursor from the object.
  • Verify whether the object name showing as per requirement or not when the user hovers over the mouse.

Hope !!! The above test cases for Computer Mouse are helpful for you ...

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Test Cases for Mouse

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