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Daily Standup Meeting in Agile methodology

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 What is Daily stand up Meeting  ?
Daily standup meeting are one of the fundamental part of agile , In which each day all the member of agile team meets so as to bring every one up to date the information that is vital for co-ordination , It not only provides a forum for regular updates but also brings the problems of team members into focus so that it can be quickly addressed .
daily stand up meeting in agile
  • Daily standup meeting held each at same time roughly for 15 min .it is daily Status meeting among all agile team members.
  • Every member has to answer three question in this standup meeting .
What To Say In A Standup Meeting ?
  1. What I did Yesterday ?
  2. What I will do today ?
  3. Any issue / Difficulties 
  • Basically daily standup meeting held for status update ,Not for any kind of discussion .
  • In Daily standup meeting team member usually stand instead of sitting.
Who Attends daily standup Meeting ?
  1. Scrum Master 
  2. Product Owner 
  3. Delivery team.
  • The main participants for daily standup meeting is -Scrum master , product owner , delivery team attends the daily standup meeting regularly.
  • Scrum master is responsible for take query of each and every member and problem they are facing.
Fig: Daily Standup Meeting 

Benefits of Daily Standup Meeting ?
The benefits of conducting daily stand up meeting are as follows .
  • Team can evaluate the progress of project on daily basis.
  • Its provide visibility to team member if project get delay.
  • Its provide the daily status of task , epic , stories , bugs etc.

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