Test Cases For TV ( Television)

Test Cases for TV -Test Scenarios For TV
Here !!! Important test cases for TV given ...

  • Verify the Type of TV - Smart TV or Normal TV.
  • Verify the technology of TV whether it is LED TV or LCD TV.
  • Verify the Specification of TV - Length , width , height , etc.
  • Verify the Screen size is as per requirement or not.
  • Verify the Menu button on Tv 
  • Check the functionality of TV button working fine or not.
  • Verify that the Indication on TV button properly visible and understandable or not.
  • Verify that user able to adjust the TV color etc..by button or not.
  • Verify the company logo is as per specification or not.
  • Check the document , manual etc as per brand or not.
  • Check the material used for outer body of TV.
  • Check that TV get on or not when user plug the tv to switch and press power button on tv.
  • Check that TV get off or not when user remove the power plug.
  • Verify the Resolution of TV as per specification or not.
  • Check the TV audio sounds properly or not.
  • Verify that user able to operate the TV with remote or not.
  • Verify that user able to operate the TV by remote in a specified range.
Hope !!! The Above test cases for tv helpful for you ...
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Test Cases For TV

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