Test Cases for Cross Browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing Test cases/Scenarios
Here Important test cases for cross browser testing given ....
For Browser-

  1. Verify the website loads on browser?
  2. Verify the elements (such as buttons, forms, menu) visible?
  3. Verify the elements clickable on page?
  4. Verify  the content of the page visible on all devices?
  5. Verify the web page require specific browser version?
  6. Verify  the web page takes longer time to load on browser?
For platform 
  1. Verify  this website or app opens on tablet?
  2. Verify this website opens on smartphone?
  3. Verify this website responds to the specific resolution?
  4. Verify this website opens on Windows platform?
  5. Verify this website opens on Apple iOS?
  6. Verify are some of the other device platform that supported by website?
For  Css
  1. Verify  CSS Version is used?
  2. Verify CSS Version is supported by browser?
  3. Verify CSS rendering engine is under usage?
  4. Verify CSS throws error?
  5. Verify CSS Minification affects rendering?
  6. Verify CSS minification causes more errors?
  7. Verify CSS contains code for responsive layout?
  8. Verify CSS makes calls to external image sources?
  9. Verify the size of CSS reducing the page speed?
  10. Verify  the CSS rendering affecting loading of certain elements?
For java script
  1. Verify Javascript elements position properly?
  2. Verify  javascript library used is compliant with W3C standard?
  3. Verify  javascript library slowing down the website or app?
  4. Verify  the javascript library increases the file size of total website rendering?
  5. Verify  the JS library used affects the resolution of the device?
For Tables
  1. Verify the tables work in responsive layout?
  2. Verify  the tables render properly for viewing on specific resolution?
  3. Verify  the data appears correctly in the respective tables?
  4. Verify  the HTML table respond to the responsive layout?
  5. Verify  the CSS table breaks in responsive layout?
  6. Verify  the dynamic data appears properly in the responsive layout?
For Network

  1. Verify the website loads partially under slow connection?
  2. Verify the website render at all on slow connection?
  3. Verify  the website misses important elements while completely rendering on slow connection?
  4. Verify  the content delivery network (CDN) affects rendering of webpage?
  5.  Verify ISP speed affects rendering of page across browser?
  6. Verify  the browser responds well for slow connection?
Hope!!! The above test cases for cross browser testing helpful for you ...
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Test cases for Cross browser  testing 

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