Test Cases for Weblink or Hyperlink

Test Cases For Hyperlink 
Here !! Important test cases for hyperlink given below ...
  • Verify that the hyperlink clickable or not.
  • Check that the on mouser hover mouse icon get change or not.
  • Check that the page redirect to the valid page or not when user click on hyperlink.
  • Check that Page redirect in new window or same window when user click on link.
  • Verify the Color of hyperlink.
  • Check that color of hyperlink get change or not when user hover the mouse .
  • Verify that on muse hover the address of link showing in bottom or not.
  • Verify the page when there is invalid link. (should display 404 error).
  • Verify the page load time.
Hope !!! The above Test cases for hyperlink helpful for you ...
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Test Cases for hyperlink

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