Test Cases For Bulb - Test Case Example For Bulb

Test Cases For Bulb - How to Test Electric Bulb?
The Real-Time Test case For Electric Bulb is Given Below
  • bulb should be of the required shape and size(as per Requirement).
  • bulb Should be able to be fitted and removed from the holder.
  • bulb Should sustain the voltage for which it is designed.
  • bulb Should glow on switching on.
  • The bulb Should not glow on switching off.
  • Verify the bulb type LED bulb, CFL bulb ...etc
  • Verify electricity connection should be there for that holder.
  • Verify whether electricity is passing through that wire or not.
  • Verify the colour appearance of the bulb.
  • Verify the time it takes to blow.
  • Verify the max life of the bulb.
  • Verify if the switch is on and switch off suddenly what will happen.
  • Verify the power consumption.
  • Verify the initial voltage it takes to blow.
  • Verify if the voltage varies suddenly and what will happen (increase or decrease).
  • check max heat dissipate when the bulb is on.
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Test cases for bulb


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