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Test Cases For Bulb And How to Write Test Cases for Bulb

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Sample Test Cases for Bulb

Hello Folks, 

In this tutorial, we will learn how to write Electric bulb Test Cases? We will also learn about positive test scenarios and Negative test scenarios.

Here!!! The real-time Test case For the Electric Bulb is Given Below

  • The bulb should be of the required shape and size(as per Requirement).
  • Bulb Should be able to be fitted and removed from the holder.
  • Bulb Should sustain the voltage for which it is designed.
  • The Bulb Should glow on switching on.
  • The bulb Should not glow when switched off.
  • Verify the bulb type LED bulb, CFL bulb ...etc
  • Verify that the electricity connection is there for that holder.
  • Verify whether electricity is passing through that wire or not.
  • Verify the colour appearance of the bulb.
  • Verify the time it takes to blow.
  • Verify the max life of the bulb.
  • Verify if the switch is on and switch off suddenly what will happen.
  • Verify the power consumption.
  • Verify the initial voltage it takes to blow.
  • Verify if the voltage varies suddenly and what will happen (increase or decrease).
  • check max heat dissipates when the bulb is on.

Hope !! The Above Tutorial on Test Cases For Bulbs are Helpful for You...

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Test cases for bulb

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